About this report

In this report, which we present on a voluntary basis, we express our intention to keep and expand dialogues with our stakeholders on sustainable management.

This important step for Buencafu00e9 is an evolutionary process that enriches the experience of our entire human team to increasingly better harmonize our work with sustainability.

To define the contents of the 2021 report (henceforth to be presented every year), the communications area proposed to the Group of Directors the topics to be addressed based on results of the materiality workshops held with the different stakeholders, and the topics addressed in the sustainability committee.

They will be assessed and approved by the General Directoru2019s Office. The material topics defined are in line with the organization’s sustainability model, which has the coffee grower at the center. GRI 102-32, GRI 102-46, GRI 102-50 and GRI 102-52.

The following graph shows the result of thenteamwork that organized the material topicsnaccording to the capacity of response and impact on the corporate strategy.

This report is prepared in accordance with the 'GRI: core option' standards. GRI 102-54

Since this is the first sustainability report under the GRI standards, there are no changes in reporting or restatement of information. For further information or for clarifications about this report, you can write to the following email:

GRI 102-48, GRI 102-49, GRI 102-51 and GRI 102-53.

Our stakeholders

In November 2021, Buencafu00e9 did the first formal exercise to identify the material topics.

First, the Group of Directors conducted an internal analysis to identify its stakeholders,
a selection that considered the area of
inu001euence of the factory, the public and
private actors with whom we interact, the
internal customers, and interested
parties and/or impacts of the business.
GRI 102-42, GRI 102-43

List of stakeholders

Engagement of our

With this information and with a consulting company specialized in sustainable development processes, there were dialogues with our different stakeholders for building the materiality matrix to have a closer comprehension of their concerns, needs and expectations.

This continued support resulted in a report that analyzes the beliefs, opinions and feelings of our different stakeholders.

The Communications and Reputation area shared the information with the Group of Directors to work on prioritization under the methodology suggested by the external firm and undertake an action plan that addresses the prioritized material topics. GRI 102-43.


The materiality workshops held in 2021 were a very important tool to learn first-hand the stakeholdersu2019 vision on the economic, environmental and social aspects of Buencafu00e9.

The information collected there was shared with the Group of Directors through reports and alignment meetings.
GRI 102-21

As a result, the most relevant topics for our stakeholders were identifed through a combination of interviews and a focus group, attended by representatives of all our stakeholders.


Prioritized material 11 topics of Buencafé:

1. Quality product at competitive price.
2 Transparent management of assets and
3. Sustained growth.
4. Energy efficiency.
5. Noise.
6. Visibility of contribution of resources for
coffee growersu2019 well-being.
7. Comprehensive program for training and
wellness of workers.
8. Clear and timely communication with
GRI 102-47