Profile of Buencafé

We are the factory of Colombian coffee growers. Therefore, 100% of yearly profits are allocated to programs for the benefit of the 540,000 coffee grower families in the country.

As a company of the FNC, a non-prot union, our governance is that of a democratic organization whose National Coffee Growers Congress is its highest governing body. As of 2021, a total of 383 municipal coffee grower committees, 15 departmental committees, a National Committee and a Steering Committee are also part of the FNC’s governing structure.

As part of the FNC, we work in a complementary and coordinated manner with the rest of the union’s coffee institutions to provide coffee growers with comprehensive support throughout the production process.

At Buencafé we add value to the rest of the coffee institutions by transforming over half a million bags of green coffee and complementing the FNC’s purchase guarantee strategy.

The plant and administrative HQ are located in Chinchiná, Caldas, in the so-called Coffee Triangle, with sales representatives in New York, Shanghai and Tokyo.
GRI 102-1, GRI 102-3, GRI 102-4, GRI 102-5 y GRI 102-7.

What we do

Buencafé is the only freeze-dried coffee factory in the world owned by coffee growers of a country, Colombia.

Quality is the result of the work of coffee growers, who select the best beans. At Buencafé we add value to coffee growers’ work by transforming green coffee through technology. Thanks to the freeze-drying process, we turn it into a soluble product with the recognized quality of Colombian coffee, preserving its aroma and exquisite properties.

Our product portfolio

Our coffee is 100% Colombian Arabica. Thanks to Colombia’s rich coffee heritage and the traditional method of selective harvesting that has been perfected over centuries, we offer unique, high-quality coffee products that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

That’s why our products bear the unique hallmark of the Colombian geography with its rich volcanic soils and tropical climates, which as a whole make Colombian coffee a protected geographical indication,
ensuring that the quality, features, and reputation of the product are essentially due to origin.

Our products

  • Freeze-dried coffee: Premium
    soluble coffee, dried through a cold
    process that removes water by
    sublimation (the transition from a
    solid to a gaseous state without
    passing through the liquid state),
    keeping all its organoleptic
  • Coffee extract: The result of
    extracting solids from fresh, roasted
    and ground coffee, first diluted in hot
    water and then concentrated at low
  • Microground coffee: A perfect
    blend of premium freeze-dried
    (soluble) coffee and microparticles of
    fresh roasted coffee. It is easy to
    prepare as instant coffee, with the
    strength and character of freshly
    roasted coffee.
  • Coffee Bean Oil.

Buendía is Buencafé's own brand

Café Buendía is our own brand that brings to
homes of Colombia and Ecuador a product
made with state-of-the-art technology in the processing of each bean under strict
monitoring systems, in addition to control
and packaging equipment. Buendía products
are premium freeze-dried coffee: classic,
decaffeinated, organic, vanilla, amaretto,
caramel and whiskey cream, as well as
roasted and ground coffee.

Packaging portfolio

Our wide packaging portfolio is customizable,
allowing our customers to maximize
their brand identity.

The markets where we are

Our products are distributed in 40 countries to serve 60 markets, in the primary food and agribusiness sectors. Our main types of customers are:
    • Leading companies in the supermarket and retail industry, mainly.
    • End customers reached through our clients’ over 50,000 points of sale in America.
In 2021, we opened up two new markets: Argentina and the Philippines, and we made the frst direct sale of coffee extract to South Korea, a very attractive market of high potential for Colombian coffee. GRI 102-6

At Buencafé we can tailor the products and meet the cultural expectations of the destination country.