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Discover how we transform 100% Colombian green coffee into opportunities for 540,000 coffee-growing families.

Explore the process we use at Buencafé to freeze-dry Colombian coffee and bring it to more than 40 markets.

Producimos más de


millones de tazas de café producidas al día

Generamos más de



Aportamos el


del café liofilizado del mundo


de nuestras utilidades se dirigen a programas para el bienestar de las 540,000 familias caficultoras



años generando valor sostenible para los caficultores, el país y el mundo

Lucia contreras

cooperativa de caficultores de Aguadas

¡Me hace sentir muy orgullosa ver cómo usan nuestro café! se ve que ha crecido la parte internacional y saber que el café de calidad también se usa en Colombia.

We produce more than


million cups of coffee per day

we generate more than



We supply


of the world's freeze-dried coffee.


of our profits go to programs for the well-being of the 540,000 coffee-growing families.


We have been generating sustainable value for coffee growers, the country and the world for 50 years.

Lucia contreras

Aguadas Coffee Growers' Cooperative

It makes me very proud to see how they use our coffee! You can see that the international part has grown and to know that quality coffee is also used in Colombia.

Since 1973 we have been innovating in the coffee industry, turning 100% Colombian coffee into instant coffee.

In Buencafé freeze-dried coffee from Colombia.

We work with optimism to create sustainable value for coffee growers, the country and the world.

Live an innovative coffee experience in Chinchiná, Caldas.

If you are interested in knowing how we add value to coffee, share your personal information with us and we will validate your request to schedule your visit.


Where is the factory located?

The Colombian Coffee Growers factory is located at Carrera 4 No. 16-50 Chinchiná, Caldas, Colombia.

How to get to Buencafé?

Either from Pereira or Manizales, the Autopista del Café takes you to Buencafé. The access to the factory is announced with a billboard 5 km from the Tarapacá highway toll on the road from Pereira to Manizales.

What are the nearby airports?

Matecaña International Airport: Located in the city of Pereira, Kilometer 4 via Cerritos. From this airport it takes 1 hour (45 Km) to Buencafé. 

La Nubia Airport: this airport is located in the southeast of Manizales, 8 Km from downtown, the journey to Buencafé takes 45 minutes (30 Km) approximately.

At either airport you can find transportation to Chinchiná by bus or car.

Where can I stay?


    • Hotel Quo: https://quo.com.co/ 606 893 03 20 Calle 66a No. 26 A 28 Palermo, Manizales, Caldas 

Near Chinchina (coffee experience):


What is Chinchiná's weather like?

The temperature varies between 17°C and 26°C, it is normally mild and there is a possibility of frequent rains.

How should I dress for the visit?

For the visit to the factory you should wear long pants, closed shoes and no heels. You may bring accessories and electronic devices, but we will provide you with a space to store them at the beginning of the tour.

What documents should I send prior to the visit?

We need a copy of your identification document such as passport or identity card and a document that certifies your insurance against accidents in the factory such as ARL or EPS affiliation.

What are the access protocols?

We are a factory that has more than 20 certifications where we ensure the safety of our people and our products, in order for everything to run smoothly we need your documents a week before the visit to manage the protocols for your care.

Who is leading the visit?

Your sales representative will contact you and guide you during the factory visit, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact them.

How long does the tour take?

Depending on the purpose of the visit, a customized tour will be built that can last from two hours to six hours. Discuss your interests with your sales representative to make your experience as fulfilling as possible.

What are the recommendations during the tour?

During the tour in the factory you will be joined by the commercial representative and a brigade member, you are responsible for your safety and for following the brigade member’s instructions and recommendations. Unless the brigade leader indicates otherwise, you must remain with your ear protectors, gown, and boots. To ensure that our 100% Colombian Coffee maintains its high quality, food is not allowed to enter the plant, but you may bring water.

What should I know about Chinchiná?

Chinchiná is located at an altitude of 1,382 m.a.s.l. and is a privileged place for Colombian coffee. You will find centers of growing, processing, training and scientific research, all dedicated to the care of 100% Colombian coffee. It is a small city but very close to the capitals of Risaralda and Caldas, two of the three most important cities in the coffee growing region of the country. The coffee landscape is identified for being surrounded by mountain chains, mild climates that as the altitude increases will take you to colder places, you can visit different thermal floors including the perpetual snows at the Parque Nacional Natural de los Nevados. In Chinchiná you will find a coffee paradise with beautiful natural landscapes.

Besides Buencafé, what can I learn about the coffee industry?

The National Federation of Coffee Growers is a private organization that seeks the protection of 100% Colombian Coffee and the well being of those who produce it, for this reason there are different institutions that take care of the whole process. Near Chinchiná you can visit the Coffee Growers Committees where the coffee grown in the region is stored, Almacafé with its large storage warehouses and a whole logistic line to take the green coffee to the ports of export, Cenicafé which is the center of research and genetics, and finally Buencafé which is the center of industrialization of the coffee to convert it into freeze-dried soluble coffee.

What are the nearby tourist sites?

To learn more about the region we recommend some tourist sites:
Cathedral of Manizales: The cathedral of Manizales is one of the largest built in Latin America and the only one for its architectural style in concrete. It is 106 meters high and you can go on a guided tour to the top of the domes. You can also enjoy coffee and history.
Thermal Pools: in the coffee region, thanks to the proximity to volcanic lands, you can find thermal waters, naturally hot and rich in minerals that benefit your health. You can access them from Manizales or Santa Rosa.
PNN: Los Nevados National Natural Park is located in the Colombian Andes and has different accesses. You can visit the Nevado del Ruiz, Santa Isabel, Tolima and different paramillos.

What is the gastronomy of the area?

You can find different types of gastronomies.

Typical: you can often find typical restaurants that offer local cuisine such as beans, ajiaco, mondongo and bandeja paisa. Street food stands are an excellent option if you want to learn more about the culture, look for empanadas and corn arepas.    

Some other gastronomic experiences we recommend are:
Manizales: La Beautiful, Cortesana, Ednia, Cuina Rosa.
Pereira: Ambar, Carmela, Patrono, Octavo.

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