The Growth Of Sensoria By Buencafé In The Premium Soluble Coffee Market

As demand for quality soluble coffee continues to increase, SENSORIA by Buencafé changes your experience of enjoying coffee at home or on the go. Constant innovation in our processes has allowed us to expand and further customize our product portfolio at a time when home coffee consumption is on the rise.

Engineer Andrés Cruz, Research & Development Director at Buencafé, shares some recent updates and guides us through the innovative technologies that make Buencafé a world reference in freeze-dried soluble coffee production.

Leading the Way in the Premium Soluble Coffee Sector

Since 1973, we have been expanding our portfolio of coffee products, all of which are 100% grown, roasted, and freeze-dried in Colombia.

We currently offer: high-quality freeze-dried soluble coffee, versions with micro-ground coffee, concentrate coffee extract, and more, alongside a fully customizable private-label service. Around 90% of our total production is exported annually for consumers to enjoy in more than 60 countries around the world.

SENSORIA by Buencafé was launched in 2019 as a set of technologies and processes that allowed us to expand our product portfolio and enhance the quality of each offering. Our first customers in the European, North American and Asian markets have given very positive reviews to the products as the first sales progress.

SENSORIA by Buencafé

SENSORIA by Buencafé is more than just new equipment. It is a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art innovative suite of technologies and processes in the premium soluble coffee market. It allows us to unlock and preserve all of the complex flavors and aromas of freshly roasted coffee.

By using these techniques, we seek to preserve the coffee’s attributes throughout all stages of the process and deliver them, intact, to the end consumer. This means adhering to rigorous quality standards from farm to cup, using 100% Colombian arabica coffees, and leveraging our cutting-edge technology and expertise in coffee processing.

Once we receive hand-picked green coffee beans from Colombian producers, our equipment carefully roasts them. This process unlocks the delicate, volatile compounds that are responsible for the aroma and taste of coffee. Thanks to SENSORIA by Buencafé, we are able to capture and return those compounds at the right time, avoiding losing them and maintaining distinct and complex flavor profiles intact.

Our freeze-drying process then locks in these flavors. Andrés Cruz, Research & Development Director at Buencafé, explains that the development results in an instant coffee or coffee concentrate with cupping profiles that resemble freshly brewed roasted coffee. To guarantee excellence, our Quality Control Team continually monitors, cups, and evaluates our range of freeze-dried coffees.

By using the SENSORIA by Buencafé technologies in tandem with our conventional soluble coffee techniques, we have reached a new level of flexibility with our products. “We now have the ability to create lots of combinations, pursuing even more personalization than before. This has given us a much more dynamic and focused range of flavor profiles,” Cruz explains.

Premium Soluble Coffee Trends in 2020

Despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the global coffee supply chain, in 2020 we experienced excellent growth of 10% compared to 2019. This is largely thanks to the fact that in our factory, we undertook safety measures immediately, and never ceased our operations; not even for a day.

Furthermore, we quickly recognized that coffee consumption never really decreased during the pandemic – it just changed. We adapted to satisfy a new, emerging demand for home coffee consumption.

Over the last year, we saw particular spikes in products targeting private labels for retailers; likewise, our sales of concentrated coffee extract also increased. Cruz holds that this is because consumers are increasingly seeking higher quality, convenience, and sustainability in their coffee. Our innovation ticks all three of those boxes.

Our freeze-dried soluble coffee is not only high in quality, but also extremely versatile. Throughout 2020, we observed a growing interest in premium soluble coffee and coffee concentrate extracts, as both standalone products and ingredients in the premium food and beverage market. This includes concentrates used in RTD beverages, syrups, and more.

“We have always chosen to make custom-designed products; this has been one of Buencafé’s value propositions for years,” Cruz says. “We manufacture what the customer wants and needs. With SENSORIA by Buencafé, we can give our products so many more profiles and flavors than we could before.”

Finally, it is very important to highlight that the success of Buencafé translates into supporting over half a million coffee-producing families across Colombia. Every year, 100% of our profits go towards supporting these producers and improving their wellbeing.

“Our goal is to increase the number of customizable options available each year, as well as improving our social and environmental impact,” Cruz explains. He adds that one of Buencafé’s goals is to reduce the use of plastic, develop more eco-friendly packaging options and promote sustainable practices across the supply chain.

Our focus on operational efficiency, improving quality, and leveraging new innovations in soluble coffee have secured our place as a world leader in the coffee sector.

Our new tech-suite, SENSORIA by Buencafé, is testament to this. It offers the best instant coffee you can possibly dream of, always tailored to your needs. Our technology makes the impossible possible, letting us surprise the world with a rich, complex, and unique taste.



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