The Growing Demand For Private Label Premium Instant Coffee

Over the last few years, the instant coffee sector has undergone a seismic shift. Once considered an inferior product by many, premium instant coffee has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity in recent years. This has been led, in part, by third wave coffee consumers demanding quality and flavor rather than low prices and convenience.

Our private label service for premium instant coffee caters to this new audience. By working with Buencafé, retailers can supply an innovative new product, differentiate their brand, benefit from direct business relationships, ensure supplier transparency, and customize their coffee offering for a whole range of markets.

To learn more, we spoke to Buencafé’s Sales Director for North America, Federico Gómez. Read on to see what he said about the growth of the premium instant coffee market, and how a private label partnership with Buencafé could benefit your business.

A New Wave of Demand for Premium Instant Coffee in 2020

The premium instant coffee is growing at an incredible rate. For millions of people worldwide, instant coffee has become a beverage of choice as lockdown measures around the world have meant consumers are drinking more coffee at home than ever before.

But even before the pandemic, the future for instant coffee was bright. According to figures from, the sector was set to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.21% between 2019 and 2024.

It’s not just western consumers who have taken to instant coffee, either. While North America holds the largest market share in the sector, reports from leading market research companies indicate that the Asia Pacific region has the fastest growing number of instant coffee consumers. While this region has historically been known for tea consumption, instant coffee’s rise in countries such as India has boosted sales in the region.

Federico adds that the impact of Covid-19 on coffee shops has pushed consumers to experiment with new ways of making coffee at home. “People have tried our premium instant coffees and never looked back,” he says.

“It’s a versatile, high-quality product available at an affordable price, which makes it an attractive option for trendsetters in today’s coffee market.”

To adapt to an ever-increasing demand for quality among coffee consumers, retail clients in Canada, Mexico, and the US have leveraged our private label services to expand their portfolio, and offer value to a wider range of consumers as a result.

We have also seen a developing interest in premium instant coffees among small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs). In particular, the market has been popular among specialty coffee shops and roasters in North America, many of whom are looking for a secure supply of high-quality instant coffee.

Furthermore, our teams in Colombia as well as those in leading coffee-consuming countries have been able to quickly adapt to the impact of Covid-19. As a result, our premium freeze-dried coffee has always been available, regardless of limitations or delays elsewhere in the coffee sector.

Read on to find out about how our fully customizable instant coffees and coffee extracts are changing the decaf market for the better and how your business can benefit.

The Benefits of Our Private Label Coffee Service

Our portfolio of private label freeze-dried coffee products gives retailers the opportunity to scale up their business by offering sustainably-produced, high-quality instant coffee under their own brand. Our service takes the hassle out of putting together a branded coffee product to save customers both time and money.

But it isn’t just about convenience; the instant coffee we provide is also recognized for its excellent quality as well as the fact that it drives positive social impact at origin. Our coffee is produced from 100% Colombian arabica beans, and the farmers we source from benefit from Buencafé’s profits.

After we source our coffee, we’re then responsible for everything from roasting and packaging to branding and shipping the final product to our clients.

“We manage the entire process,” Federico says. “This gives us a major competitive advantage, as it allows us to shorten the supply chain, thus reducing costs and ensuring

There’s no doubt that the demand for premium instant coffee is on the rise. Our forecasts for 2021 are incredibly positive, and sales only seem set to grow as consumers continue to look for quality coffee they can easily prepare at home.

At Buencafé, we prioritise the happiness of our clients and their customers. Our private label service allows us to deliver innovative, tailor-made instant coffee solutions to retail customers that will boost your brand, extend your reach, and keep your customers coming back.

This roasted coffee is ground, extracted and freeze-dried to create premium decaf instant coffee. It is then shipped to customers around the world as a high-quality, 99.9% caffeine-free coffee that can be brewed in a matter of seconds.



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