The allure of 100 % colombian freeze-dried coffee for your brand

We proudly stand as the only company worldwide that is owned by a country's coffee growers, Colombia. This unique ownership structure allows us to reinvest 100% of our profits back into their well-being through projects focused on enhancing regional sustainability, covering areas like infrastructure, nutrition, reforestation, education, and gender equality. By partnering with us to create your brand, you not only benefit from end-to-end support in the production process but also play a vital role in improving the lives of 548,000 coffee-growing families who directly experience the impact of progress in their fields.

With 50 years of experience and bearing the esteemed Colombian Coffee label, we’ve earned a prominent position in the global market. Our flagship product, freeze-dried instant coffee, has garnered over 23 global certifications, a testament to the exceptional quality of a bean cultivated under unique climatic conditions, hand-harvested with care. This origin story lends our coffee a versatile, authentic aroma, and the perfect balance of acidity.

Our coffee undergoes a meticulous production process that transforms Arabica coffee beans into globally recognized freeze-dried instant coffee. Beginning with careful selection and roasting of raw materials, the coffee is then ground and filtered into an extract that is subsequently frozen for concentrated perfection. The culmination is a sublimation process that brings your long-envisioned product to life. Finally, the process of sublimation yields the long-awaited product envisioned by your brand.

Precision in choosing the right cup and roast profile tailored to your target market transforms our product into an artistic masterpiece, ready to be delivered anywhere in the world, under a wide variety of packaging, lids and labels options. If you want to know more about our customization process.

Once you’ve learned about the many benefits that Colombia and its coffee growers offer, you may be wondering about the long-standing debate in the instant coffee market: freeze-dried vs. atomized coffee. Why choose freeze-dried over atomized, and how? Here is the answer!

While atomized coffee achieves its appearance through boiling, this method often sacrifices unique coffee aromas and qualities. On the contrary, freeze-dried coffee undergoes a cold process that accentuates the bean’s organoleptic characteristics, highlighting its aroma and flavor.

This is why we urge you to opt for 100% Colombian premium freeze-dried coffee, dried using an exclusive cold process involving sublimation to retain all its inherent properties. At Buencafé, we are committed to discovering the perfect cup and packaging to showcase your brand. Together, we can make a significant impact on the market with a product that originates from the heart of Colombia.

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