Sustainable Water Project By Buencafé and the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation

Every year, between August 23rd and September 1st, the Stockholm City Conference Centre in Sweden becomes the focal point for World Water Week. During this event, specialists, activists, and experts convene to contemplate the significance of water and to propose solutions to the most pressing water-related challenges facing our planet.

Embracing the United Nations General Assembly’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Buencafé has undertaken a dedicated commitment. Between 2015 and 2022, we have invested $50 million USD into sustainability projects that span economic, social, and environmental domains. Within these endeavors, a coalition of entities has emerged, uniting the National Federation of Coffee Growers, the National, governmental bodies at national and departmental levels, private enterprises, international organizations, and local communities.

While our strides extend to coffee growers through initiatives related to infrastructure, education, nourishment, orchards, and reforestation, Buencafé, in conjunction with the Federation of Coffee Growers, has also embarked on projects that safeguard water use and assure its purity within the rural territories of Caldas department.

Here are some of our water-related projects:

  • Community and Family Water Access

Objective: Ensure access to potable water for human consumption and enhance rural water supply systems. Ensure the continuity of water supply and proper management through interventions and renovation of reservoirs, intakes, networks, and individual purification.

Results to date: 18 water supply points intervened in 2021, benefiting 1200 families, 154 accompanied water supplies, and impacting 18,000 users.

  • Water for Children

Objective: Furnish potable water to children attending rural schools through the installation of water filtration systems.

  • Water Footprint Reduction

Objective: Furnish environmentally conscious machinery for coffee washing process, thereby minimizing water usage and mitigating pollution.

Results to date: $2 million USD invested in 3,708 pieces of equipment delivered in the last 5 years.

We extend an invitation to your company or brand to partake in our ongoing projects or collaborate in shaping a tailor-made initiative alongside the expertise of the National Federation of Coffee Growers. Together, we can define investment strategies and timelines.

World Water Week serves as a poignant reminder of water’s pivotal role in the coffee industry. Let’s collaborate to institute and uphold sustainable practices that safeguard water resources, securing the future viability of coffee.