Packaging That Is Ideal For Your E-Commerce Channel

As a result of the current health situation, at Buencafé we understand that the world is always on the move, looking for new opportunities to meet market needs such as online marketing today.

That’s why we offer an ideal packaging portfolio such as laminated packaging (sticks, sachets and Doypack), cans, and now polypropylene jars, with materials that are suitable for online sales. Low-weight and high-resistance characteristics make transportation safe, avoiding the possibility of being broken.

In addition, through Buencafé’s allies, we offer a variety of labels that will give your product a personal seal, confirming us as a great partner for your e-commerce and online business.

Through our R&D team, the line of polypropylene plastic jars was developed, whose partial transparency preserves freeze-dried coffee in perfect quality throughout its useful life. This type of packaging offers flexibility in shapes according to your needs, which we can understand and meet quickly. Aesthetics is complemented by lid colors and front-and-back labels (book-type), ensuring excellent finishes.

In addition, by being made of pure plastic, without mixtures (polypropylene), recycling is easier, which, with your own shared responsibility, will give your products an environmentally friendly feature.

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