Introducing Our New 100% Colombian Coffee Oil

Here at Buencafé, we pride ourselves on innovation. From our state-of-the-art freeze-dried coffee technology to our work creating exciting new products to fit our clients’ needs, we always strive for improvement. This is the exact attitude and ethics that has led us to our latest launch— a 100% pure coffee oil made from freshly roasted Colombian coffee beans.

Many coffee oils on the market are made by using solvents, and the resulting product does not have the pureness and richness of a natural coffee oil.

At Buencafé, we use a technique based on extrusion to physically extract the oil from roasted coffee beans. With our technique, we are able to produce an oil that is 100% pure and natural. No additives and no chemicals— just oil direct from roasted coffee beans.

Our Oil Extraction Technology

The story of this new product begins here on the luscious hills of coffee farms across Colombia.

First, our expert coffee producers harvest only the perfectly ripe arabica coffee cherries from their trees. The skin of the cherry is removed, followed by the sticky sweet mucilage that remains attached to the seeds. After the coffee has been wet processed, it is dried. Once the seeds reach the desired level of moisture, they are threshed and the coffee beans are finally unveiled.

Here at Buencafé, these beautiful raw coffee beans are carefully roasted to ensure that their full potential is highlighted, without removing or degrading any of their natural characteristics.

At this point in the process, the coffee beans have an oil content of up to 20%. We can thank this natural oil, in large part, for giving coffee its strong flavor, its body, and its remarkable aroma.

Using Buencafé’s technique of mechanical compression, the oil is extracted from the roasted coffee. It is then carefully filtered of any coffee solids, then packaged, ready to be shipped and transported across the globe.

The resulting product is a clean and pure coffee oil that is the essence of natural, roasted coffee beans. One of the best things about our oil is that it tastes and smells only of roasted coffee— nothing more and nothing less.

One Oil With Multiple Uses

Buencafé coffee oil is an incredibly robust product. Being rich in flavor and aroma, while also containing other compounds that make it suitable for food and beverage products as it is for perfume and cosmetics.

Thanks to its composition of fatty acids— mainly palmitic acid, and linoleic acid, coffee oil has found great use in cosmetic products focusing on skin and hair care. Studies have shown that coffee oil with high levels of linoleic acid is an excellent emollient, while high concentrations of palmitic acid provide the skin with protection against UV radiation.

While its use in the beauty sector is widespread, applications in the food and beverage market are also interesting. Because our coffee oil is extracted from freshly roasted coffee beans, it can be used to naturally give coffee aroma to certain foods. If sprayed on the granules of freeze dried coffee, it can greatly improve its appearance, reducing breakage and powder formation.

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of soluble coffee, we are constantly striving for ways to improve our coffee products. Through progressive techniques and advanced technology, Buencafé continues to be one of the leading innovators of exciting new coffee-related products.

Buencafé coffee oil is a product of our innovation, our commitment to Colombian coffee farmers, and our dedication to social and environmental impact.

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