Hyperinstant coffee: the product that “shines” in the chinese market and charms the youth

Asia is not only a culturally rich and varied region, but its diversity also extends to coffee consumption. In recent years, this product has experienced steady sales growth in this region due to various factors, including increased purchasing power, the westernization of culture through the arrival of major coffee chains, and changes in consumption habits.

China, in particular, stands out as one of the fastest-growing markets in Asia, and despite tea’s traditional reign, coffee has captured the attention of the younger generation, especially in major cities.

The market in this country has fueled the innovation of coffee-related products, leading Buencafé to unveil its hyperinstant coffee hailing from Colombia’s coffee heartland. This trending product breaks barriers with its unique characteristics:

 ● It is highly soluble in milk or water.
 ● Its gleaming particles, akin to gold, lend it an air of premium and luxury.
 ● Its different cup profiles and roasting levels enhance a wide range of unique flavors.
 ● It is a differentiated product that aligns with the growing trends of categories such as “cold brew” and “specialty coffee”.
 ● And most interestingly, it appeals to the youth due to its appearance and the eye-catching packaging that brands have developed to cater to this consumer niche.

Delving deeper into this topic, this hyperinstant coffee is presented in single-dose packaging, which ranges from assembly pieces, UFO shapes and various visually appealing containers for the youth. This factor, coupled with its shiny appearance, has made it Instagrammable and attention-grabbing on digital platforms, as young people willingly share it to demonstrate their social and economic standing among their followers.

This impact is further amplified by key opinion leaders, including singers, artists, influencers, and even foodies in the Chinese market. Furthermore, co-branding with fashion or art brands allows for the exploration of trends and the creation of even more attractive packaging, aiming to expand consumption among all citizens, specifically targeting the youth.

With an astute understanding of this cultural boom that is shaking the Chinese market, Buencafé emerges as the perfect ally for your brand with a product that is increasingly gaining ground in Asian territory. Reach out to one of our advisors to personalize your cup of shiny coffee and enter a market brimming with opportunities.

    Sales Coordinator – Asia
    Darío Maya Zuluaga

    New Business Coordinator – Asia
    Natalia Jimenez Restrepo