Freeze-Dried Coffee And Coffee Extract Are Produced Through Swiss Water® Technology

Buencafé reaches South Korea with cutting-edge decaffeinated products

  • Swiss Water® decaffeination technology is not available in Colombia, so using it implies a logistical challenge, which is possible thanks to interdisciplinary work of the different areas of the Colombian coffee growers’ factory.

In order to continue expanding its product portfolio and increase market share, Buencafé, the freeze-dried coffee factory belonging to the Colombian coffee growers, has just launched in South Korea the 100% Colombian coffee extract and freeze-dried coffee decaffeinated through the Swiss Water® process.

In this technology, green coffee is immersed in pure, fresh water to gently remove up to 99.9% of caffeine, keeping intrinsic attributes of highest-quality beans.

“To Buencafé, it’s very important to increase its presence in South Korea, given the market size and competition. Adding new businesses to our portfolio through high added value products is a great achievement,” Cristina Madriñán, Director of Buencafé Liofilizado de Colombia, said.

The product launched by the customer in South Korea is a RTD coffee, whose main ingredient is Swiss Water® decaffeinated extract, which has shown important sales just a couple of months after the drink was launched.

Products made through this new technology are premium, natural and among the best decaffeinated ones in the world because of its raw material (100% Colombian coffee), unique decaffeination process, and a production process that preserves natural attributes from beginning to end, aspects all of them that are recognized and demanded by the Korean market.


Buencafé is primarily an exporter company: 90% of its sales are made abroad. Its most important markets have traditionally been North America and Europe, but for several years its geographical destinations and customers have diversified. Currently its products reach 60 countries in almost all continents, betting on high-growth markets such as South Korea, China, Latin America and the Middle East.

All the Buencafé profits are reinvested in the National Coffee Fund (FoNC), which finances public goods and programs that improve producers’ living conditions. In 2019, the FoNC financed public goods and services worth USD 126.6 million, 8% more than in 2018.

Many coffee oils on the market are made by using solvents, and the resulting product does not have the pureness and richness of a natural coffee oil.

At Buencafé, we use a technique based on extrusion to physically extract the oil from roasted coffee beans. With our technique, we are able to produce an oil that is 100% pure and natural. No additives and no chemicals— just oil direct from roasted coffee beans.



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