BUENCAFÉ visits The Saudi Food Show

One day we dreamed it, and today it is a reality. Like all good things, we want to share this great news with all of you. On May 28 and 29, 2024, Buencafé will participate in the PLMA in Amsterdam, the leading international trade fair for private label products. This event brings together manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers from around the world and has become one of the largest and most important trade fairs in the private label sector. Our participation in this event represents a unique opportunity to showcase the excellence and tradition of our coffee culture to a global audience. We are excited to bring our coffee, carefully and lovingly cultivated in the Colombian mountains and processed with the highest technologies, to such an important stage. It is an opportunity to show the world that every cup of coffee tells a story of dedication, tradition, and passion. From the coffee growers who nurture each plant to the experts who ensure quality at every stage of the process, Buencafé carries the heart and legacy of an entire country. Join us in making history. ¡See you in Amsterdam to share the taste and pride of Buencafé together!