Buencafé Bets On New Swiss Water Premium Decaffeinated Coffee Options

Between 2016 and 2021, market value of instant decaffeinated coffee increased 18.5% (Source: Euromonitor). And according to Perfect Daily Grind (2021), sales of Swiss Water decaffeinated coffee in Europe grew 74% this year from the first half of 2020. This increased production of decaffeinated coffee reflects the emergence of a consumer with new interests.

Consumer health awareness has increased after covid-19. This new interest in decaffeinated coffee has given rise to a greater focus on quality and convenience, particularly for those who prefer to prepare their coffee at home. At Buencafé, we have responded to these demands with a range of premium instant decaffeinated coffees developed in partnership with Swiss Water.

Read on to find out about how our fully customizable instant coffees and coffee extracts are changing the decaf market for the better and how your business can benefit.

Premium decaffeinated coffee: A market overview

Studies show that growth of quality decaffeinated coffee is largely tied to consumer concerns around health and well-being. In addition, the modern specialty coffee culture, with its ever-increasing emphasis on quality and flavor, has also played a part. An infographic by Swiss Water shows that 61% of decaf consumers do not want to compromise on quality and are therefore willing to pay more for a good-tasting cup of decaf coffee.

The Buencafé R&D Director, Andrés Cruz, says there has always been a market for decaffeinated instant coffee. However, according to him, preconceived ideas about the effects of various decaffeination processes and some specific local regulations have at times stifled growth of the global decaffeinated market.

“Our customers reached out to us looking for a different decaf option,” says Cruz. Our priority will always be to provide our customers with the best. Thanks to Swiss Water, we have another method that complies with our sustainability policy and standards and is another way to produce high-quality freeze-dried instant coffee.

That’s why Buencafé has partnered with Swiss Water to create a high-quality, chemical-free decaffeinated instant coffee option. With a combination of 100% Colombian arabica coffee beans and innovative technologies, we’re able to offer our customers a 100% natural, fully customizable product.

At our industrial plant, we are able to create a portfolio of decaffeinated coffee profiles that we then fine-tune for each customer. Each result (and the processes used to reach it) is carefully recorded, which means they can be replicated time and time again, as and when the coffee is needed.

How our premium decaffeinated coffee is created

Once an order is placed, our 100% Colombian green coffee is shipped to Swiss Water’s facilities in British Columbia, Canada, where it is decaffeinated. The state-of-the-art Swiss Water® method uses pure, local water to soak the coffee beans and removes caffeine without using chemicals.

Once the green coffee beans are caffeine free, they are brought back to Buencafé, where they are roasted using cutting-edge technology to unlock the inherent aroma and flavor of coffee.

This roasted coffee is ground, extracted and freeze-dried to create premium decaf instant coffee. It is then shipped to customers around the world as a high-quality, 99.9% caffeine-free coffee that can be brewed in a matter of seconds.

A sustainable option

In partnership with Swiss Water, we are committed to achieving the best results for our customers. We believe that quality begins at origin, which is why we only use 100% Colombian Arabica coffee that’s been sustainably hand-picked and processed.

Through the Swiss Water decaffeination process, we also preserve coffee quality, flavor and aroma. Swiss Water uses state-of-the-art techniques to produce high quality, 100% natural coffee.

In markets such as South Korea and Japan, Buencafé decaf coffee is a popular choice among coffee drinkers. Today, Buencafé is looking to expand into new markets in Europe and North America.

Interest in premium caffeine-free alternatives is growing, and Cruz believes it will continue so as coffee consumers look for more convenient, higher-quality drinks to enjoy both at home and on the go. Thanks to innovative processing techniques and a commitment to using high-quality, 100% Colombian coffee, Buencafé’s premium decaf instant coffee meets expectations time and time again.



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