5 Reasons Colombian Coffee is the Best in the World

Many people ask themselves what are the arguments we use to affirm that Colombian coffee is the best in the world. It goes beyond some magical formula. It’s about individual factors that give this beverage that special touch to keep it in the minds and hearts of its consumers. Let’s look at the reasons, one by one.

  1. The logo “100% Colombian Coffee” is the label of origin for the most recognized coffee in the United States and represents our product – coffee – worldwide. We’ve achieved this after years of positioning and “leadership through the National Coffee Federation, which has demonstrated that the quality of coffee that is cultivated in Colombia is the result of specific climatic, geographical and environmental conditions, as well as those special production processes associated with this product.”¹

  1. The soil, the sun, volcanic ash (that mixes with the soil) and spring water create the perfect ecosystem for growing fresh arabica coffee year-round. This is one of the reasons that coffee regions have been designated protected areas to protect the qualities, characteristics and reputation of the product.
    In 2005, in response to a request from the National Coffee Federation, the Superintendent of Commerce & Industry in Colombia declared the protection of the Denomination of Origin Colombian coffee because of those natural and environmental factors mentioned above.²

  1. In our country, coffee culture is based on ancestral knowledge transmitted from generation to generation. Coffee production goes beyond a single process and is transformed into a mix of elemental factors such as discipline, effort, continuous innovation and love for the earth. The cultural richness of the region, its people, the lush green mountains, the legacy and coffee production all combine into exceptional know-how.

  1. Our coffee is picked by hand, coffee bean by coffee bean, with the idea of picking the ripest cherry coffee that after a 14- to 30-hour fermentation period will become a product with smooth acidity, just a touch of bitterness, distinct notes of chocolate, caramel, nuts and a fruity flavor that make our coffee stand out as premium.

  1. Coffee culture has taken years to be perfected to be able to remain at the vanguard of the market. Everything starts with the coffee growers, active in the industry up to when the coffee is exported. The work surrounding Colombian coffee is difficult because we work hard to maintain the product at the high standards of global demand. This is how the Colombian coffee brand has become and remains distinctive. It represents the hard work of our employees, the quality of a unique product, the effort of an industry and the will of our 540,000 coffee-growing families to do things right to bring an authentic product of superior quality to market. And it’s all backed by the triangular logo that symbolizes our country

Learn more about Colombian coffee and how through Buencafé we build shared value through the positive impact our coffee has in the world. https://www.youtube.com/user/100porcientocc




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