International Earthday, #BeConscientious

Just by sticking your head out the window you can find multiple reasons to celebrate Earthday. All of nature’s processes are miracles. One of those is precisely how the planet continues resisting the impact of humans on its natural resources. The problem is overwhelming, however with daily actions we can make changes that help reduce and reverse the impact humans have on the ecosystem. Every April 22 is a day to remind us of this work. 

One of the best habits to incorporate is conscientious consumerism, learning how products are made and where what we buy comes from. To be able to develop conscientious consumerism, businesses must create sustainability policies that ensure the survival of our natural resources, just like those of the communities that create them.  At Buencafé, for example, we’ve implemented strategies to reduce our carbon footprint and water usage, such as inviting all our stakeholders to join our eco-friendly actions under the campaign #BeConscientious

Results to Be Seen Over Time

Reducing the carbon footprint at Buencafé has been going on for the last 25 years. The main strategy has been using biomass stoves in the production process. This has generated a 21% reduction in the use of natural gas for the generation of water vapor. Additionally, with the implementation of an evaporative condenser, we’ve reduced CO2 emissions by 978 kg per day.

To take care of the water, avoiding huge impacts to the region’s watershed, Buencafé takes advantage of rainwater for industrial uses, seeking to recover water in the process and innovating technological improvements with less consumption. For example, we’ve saved the equivalent of 423,000 cups of coffee per day.

From the Micro to the Macro

Not only can we make an impact with these strategies, but we can also make an impact from home. For example, Erika Medina, a partner with Buencafé, shared her experience with eco-friendly habits in the home: “For 12 years we’ve been composting in the garden of my house. Now we have worms and the quality of the soil has allowed us to grow many different plants. We also changed our water habits. We collect rainwater to use in the house, for example to clean the floors, the bathrooms and to water the plants. And we recycle, separating plastics, cardboard and metal for collection. These small steps add up day to day to make a big impact in our lives.”

Humans still have the power to preserve the Earth for the future, with actions as small as carrying re-useable bags and reducing the use of single-use plastic.


#BeConscientious. We only have one planet Earth! Buencafé invites you to make smart and responsible purchases, acquiring only what’s necessary, especially when it comes to natural resources. It’s our responsibility to leave a habitable planet for the generations to come.

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