Coffee Oil for the Cosmetic Industry

Starting the day with a steaming cup of coffee wakes the senses and feels like the hug of a new beginning. The health benefits this has, like its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and thermogenic properties stimulate the functioning of organs like the brain, the heart and can even reach the largest organ of all: the skin. Coffee oil is the vehicle that delivers some of these properties that benefit the body when the drink is consumed.

This naturally occurring product comes from freshly roasted coffee through press and filtration methods, without the addition or use of chemical components. Because of coffee oil’s composition of primarily palmitic and linoleic fatty acids, it can be used in cosmetic products imbuing them with properties that range between de-inflammation and protection from the sun.

Attributes that Add Up


Coffee oil also serves as a carrier for aroma, which means it can be used in perfumes and fragrances. Various studies have discovered that it provides great UV coverage and is hydrating as well. 

Its anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties allow it to be used in exfoliating products and other types of skin care creams to stimulate the skin in the early hours of the day. It also has reaffirming potential, which is why it’s added to different applications to provide an antioxidant effect, as it eliminates free radicals, highly important to maintaining the skin’s vitality, which is why it’s used in anti-aging products. Its accelerating properties contribute to skin healing and regenerating, and also to fortifying and growing one’s hair.

And of course it’s natural, which means that it can be incorporated into products’ sustainability branding. Buencafe’s productive processes recycle wastes and reduce the negative impacts on the environment.

Coffee oil is part of Buencafé’s portfolio of products, including its use in freeze-dried coffee to improve its resistance. Coffee oil has an active life of eight months at a temperature of 25oC, of course before being subjected to other processes in the cosmetic industry.

Coffee has multiple applications. Taking advantage of them makes good business sense, as well as reaffirms a brand’s commitment to sustainability. 

Now the brightness a fresh cup of coffee brings to a new day can also reach the skin when coffee oil is incorporated as an ingredient in cosmetic products. The properties in Buencafé coffee oil are numerous and are there to be taken advantage of by the cosmetic industry in its beauty products.




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