The ENTITY is a non-profit, private legal person, domiciled in Bogota, with legal capacity recognized by the National Government by means of executive decision No. 33 of 2 September, 1927, published in the Official Journal No. 20.894 of 1928, with NIT [Tax Identification Number] 860.007.538-2, whose contact data are as follows:
Address: Calle 73 No. 8 – 13,
Bogota D.C., Colombia
Telephone: 3136600


The present document establishes the Policies of Personal Data Processing of the Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia, acting as a private union association and as Administrator of the Fondo Nacional del Café (hereinafter, the ENTITY), pursuant to the provisions under Law 1581 of 2012 and Decree 1377 of 2013, and therein, the mechanisms through which the ENTITY guarantees a proper handling of the personal data collected in its data bases, so as to allow holders to exercise the right of Habeas Data.


Personal Data:

Any information that is related or that could be associated to one or several determined or determinable natural persons;

Person In Charge:

Natural or legal, public or private person, who by themselves or in association with others, performs personal data Processing on behalf of that one Responsible for the Processing;

Responsible Party:

Natural or legal, public or private person, who by themselves or in association with others, takes decisions regarding the data base and/or data Processing;


Natural person whose personal data are object of Processing;


Any operation or set of operations on personal data, such as collection, storage, use, circulation or deletion.

Principle Of Legality:

Personal data Processing is a regulated activity that must be subject to what is established by the law and in the remaining provisions therein that account for them;

Principle Of Purpose

The Processing must obey to a legitimate purpose in agreement with the Constitution and the Law, which must be informed to the Holder;

Principle Of Freedom:

The Processing can only be exerted with the Holder’s previous, expressed and informed consent. The personal data shall not be obtained or spread without prior authorization, or in the absence of a legal or juridical mandate that replaces the consent;

Principle Of Authenticity Or Quality:

The information subject to Processing shall be truthful, complete, exact, updated, verifiable and understandable. Partial, incomplete, fractioned, or error-inducing Processing of data is forbidden;

Principle Of Transparency:

The Processing shall guarantee the Holder’s right to obtain from that one Responsible for the Processing or that one in Charge of the Processing, at any time and with no restrictions, information regarding the existence of data of relevance;

Principle Of Access And Restricted Circulation:

The Processing is subject to the limits that derive from the nature of the personal data, from the provisions of the law and the Constitution. In this sense, the Processing shall only be made by persons authorized by the Holder and/or by the persons set forth by the law. The personal data, except the public information, shall not be available on the Internet or other dissemination means or mass communication means, except that access is technically controllable to offer restricted knowledge only to the Holders or third parties authorized pursuant to the law;

Principle Of Safety:

The information subject to Processing by that one Responsible of the Processing or that one in Charge of the Processing shall be handled with the technical, human and administrative measures that are necessary to guarantee safety to the records, preventing their unauthorized or fraudulent use, access, adulteration, loss orconsultation;

Principle Of Confidentiality:

Every person that intervenes in the Processing of personal data that does not have the nature of public shall be obliged to guarantee reservation in the information, even after concluding their relation with any of the tasks encompassed by the Processing, just being able to provide or communicate personal data when that corresponds to the development of the activities authorized by law and under the terms therein.

Data Bases:

Organized set of personal data that is object of Processing;


Previous, expressed and informed consent of the Holder to carry personal data Processing;


The information that is recorded on the entity’s data bases is subjected to several forms of processing, like collection, exchange, updating, processing, reproduction, compilation, storage, use, systematization and organization, all of them partially or totally, pursuant to purposes herein set forth. The information can be delivered, transmitted or transferred to public bodies, trade partners, contractors, affiliates, subsidiaries, just to the aim of complying with the purposes of the corresponding data bases. In any case, the delivery, transmission or transfer shall be made prior undersigning of the commitments that are necessary to safeguard the confidentiality of the information. The personal information, including sensitive information, may be transferred, transmitted or delivered to third countries, notwithstanding the level of safety of the standards that regulate the handling of personal information. In compliance with the legal duties, the ENTITY shall be able to provide the personal information to juridical or administrative entities.
The ENTITY shall protect the correct use of personal data of children under legal age, guaranteeing that the applicable legal demands are complied with and that all processing is previously authorized and is justified in the higher interest of children under legal age.


At the ENTITY’s data bases, general information is stored with full name, identification number and type, sex and contact information (email, physical address, line phone, and mobile phone). In addition to these, and depending on the nature of the data base, the ENTITY can have specific data required for the processing to which the data will be submitted. In the data bases of staff and contractors, the following information is additionally included: job and academic background, sensitive data required by the nature of the job relation (photo, family members, biometric data).
The data base shall be able to store sensitive information with prior authorization by their holder, pursuant to what is established under articles 5 and 7 of law 1581 of 2012.


The information regarding clients, suppliers, partners and employees, present or past, is kept so as to facilitate, promote, allow or maintain job, civil and commercial relationships.
The information regarding actors in the coffee market is stored so as to comply with the needs typical of its object, particularly those related to the development, design and implementation of programmes, projects, plans, policies, contracts or agreements necessary to promote coffee growing in Colombia.


To revoke authorization and/or request deletion of the data when the constitutional and legal principles, rights and guarantees are not respected in the Processing. The revocation and/or deletion shall proceed when the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce has determined that the ENTITY or the one in Charge has incurred in conducts contrary to this law and the Constitution. • To have free access to their personal data that have been object of the Processing.

To submit before the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce claims against infringements to what is set forth in the present law and remaining regulations that modify it, add to it or complement it.

To be informed by the ENTITY or the one in Charge, prior request, regarding the use given to their personal data.

To demand proof of authorization issued to the ENTITY, except when it is expressly exempt as a requisite for the Processing, pursuant to what is set forth under article 10 of the present law.

To know, to update and to rectify their personal data before the ENTITY or the ones in Charge. This right shall be exerted, among others, in the case of partial, inexact, incomplete, fractioned or error-inducing data, or those whose Processing is expressly forbidden or has not been authorized.


Guarantee the Holder, at all times, the full and effective exercise of the right to habeas data.

Request and keep, in the conditions set forth in the present law, a copy of the respective authorization granted by the Holder.

Duly inform the Holder of the purpose of the collection and the rights that assist them by virtue of the authorization issued.

Keep the information under the safety conditions necessary to prevent its unauthorized or fraudulent use, access, adulteration, loss, consultation.

Guarantee that the information that is provided to the one in Charge is truthful, complete, exact, updated, verifiable and understandable

Update the information, communicating in timely manner to the one in Charge of the Processing, all the news regarding the data that have previously been provided and adopt the other necessary measures so that the information provided to them is kept up to date.

Rectify the information when it is incorrect and communicate what is pertinent to the one in Charge.

Provide to the one in Charge, according to the case, only the data whose Processing is previously authorized pursuant to what is set forth in the present law.

At any moment, demand from the one in Charge, respect for the safety and privacy conditions of the Holder’s information. • Process the consultations and claims made under the terms set forth under the present law.

Adopt an internal manual of policies and procedures to guarantee the proper compliance with the present law and, in special, to care for consultations and claims.

Inform the one in Charge when certain information is under discussion by the Holder, once the claim has been submitted and the respective proceeding has not been completed.

Inform at request of the Holder on the use given to their data;

Inform the authority of data protection when there appear violations to the safety codes and when there are risks in the administration of the Holders’ information.

Comply with the instructions and requests handed out by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.


All requests, complaints or claims related to the handling of personal data, pursuant to what is set forth in Law 1581 of 2012 and Decree 1377 of 2013, shall be sent to:

Entity: Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia

Office: Legal address

Address: Calle 73 No. 8-13 Bogota D.C., Colombia

Email address:

Telephone: 3136600


The holders of personal data that appear on the data bases of the ENTITY, or their assignees, shall be able to consult the data that shall submit the information under the terms set forth in the applicable legislation. All requests of consultation, correction, updating or deletion shall be submitted in written or via email, pursuant to the information contained in this document.
The consultations shall be answered within a term of ten (10) working days counted as of the date of receipt of the respective request. When responding to the consultation within such term is not possible, the interested party shall be informed, with the reasons for the delay and the date when their consultation will be heard, which in no case shall exceed five (5) working days following expiry of the first term.


Claims shall be made in written or via email, pursuant to the information contained in this document, and shall have, at least, the following information:

identification of Holder
description of the facts that give rise to the claim
Address of holder
documentation that can be presented as proof

If the claim is incomplete, the interested party shall be required to amend the errors within five (5) days following receipt of the claim. After two (2) months from the date of the request, without the applicant presenting the information asked for, it shall be understood that they have withdrawn from the claim.
In case that the one receiving the claim is not competent to solve it, they shall transfer it to whom it may concern within a maximum term of two (2) working days and inform of the situation to the interested party.
Once the complete claim is received, an inscription reading “claim under course” and the reason thereof shall be included in the data base, within a term no longer than two (2) working days. Said inscription shall be kept until the claim is decided upon.
The maximum term to respond to a claim shall be fifteen (15) working days as of the day following the date of receipt. When responding to the claim within such term were not possible, the interested party shall be informed, expressing the reasons for the delay and stating the date when their claim will be heard, which in no case shall exceed eight (8) working days following expiry of the first term.


The ENTITY’s Policies of Personal Information Processing shall be effective as of the twenty-seventh day (27) of July, 2013. The ENTITY keeps its right to modify them, under the terms of the law and with the limitations set forth by it.
The data bases administered by the ENTITY shall be indefinitely kept, as long as their object is developed, and as long as it is necessary to guarantee compliance with obligations of legal nature, particularly in labour and accountant matters, but the data can be eliminated at any time and at request of their holder, as long as this request is not against any legal obligation of the ENTITY or an obligation contained under a contract between the ENTIDAD and the Holder.


We satisfy the needs of Muslim consumers with the continuous and consistent production of Halal products.

Ministerio de Agricultura y Desarrollo Rural | Alimento ecológico

Buencafé garantiza que el café verde se produce, siguiendo prácticas que protegen el medio ambiente de acuerdo con las reglamentaciones de cada país (europea CE 834/2007 & CE 889/2008, americana NOP, Japonesa JAS, inglesa Soil Association, colombiana resolución 00187 y coreana), lo que significa su carácter orgánico inicial.

Comunicado de nuestra directora

En Buencafé hemos sido conscientes de la sostenibilidad desde nuestro nacimiento, cuando el término apenas empezaba a tomar fuerza en el mundo.

En sus 49 años de historia, la fábrica ha tenido cuatro ampliaciones (1983, 1997, 2008 y 2019), ha actualizado y perfeccionado la tecnología de sus procesos productivos, ha elevado su producción diversificado e innovando el portafolio de productos, ha expandido sus fronteras comerciales y ha alcanzado altos reconocimientos y certificaciones nacionales e internacionales, tanto a nivel de sus productos como de los sistemas de gestión de calidad, inocuidad, gestión ambiental, seguridad y salud en el trabajo, entre otras. Buencafé fue la primera empresa de Colombia en certificarse en la ISO 14001 y hoy cuenta con 25 certificaciones.

La apuesta de Buencafé hoy es consolidar la sostenibilidad en cada iniciativa que proponemos, desde la fórmula de creación de valor sostenible en los tres aspectos esenciales: económico, social y ambiental.

“Vivir el optimismo como una fuerza transformadora para crear valor sostenible en el mundo del café” es el propósito superior que guía el trabajo diario de todos los que conformamos el equipo de Buencafé. Ese es el centro de nuestra cultura, de nuestras decisiones, de nuestra estrategia, de nuestro estilo, de nuestras conversaciones y relaciones, y así queremos inspirar a otros multiplicando nuestro impacto en todo lo que hacemos.

Los invito a conocer nuestra ruta de la sostenibilidad.


Estamos certificados en buenas prácticas GMP garantizando la integridad del proceso de fabricación de alimentos y su conformidad con los reglamentos de seguridad alimentaria para Buencafé

Letter from our Director

At Buencafé we have been conscious of sustainability since our beginning, when the term had just begun to be mentioned in the world.  

Over our 49-year history, the factory has had four expansions (1983, 1997, 2008 and 2019). The technology behind production processes has been updated and perfected. Production has increased, diversifying and innovating the product portfolio andour commercial scope has expanded. We’ve achieved national and international certifications for our products and for our quality, safety, environmental management, and occupational health and safety management systems, among others. Buencafé was the first Colombian business certified in ISO 14001 and nowadays has 25 different certifications.

The commitment today is consolidating sustainability in each and every initiative we propose, tackling the creation of sustainable value in the three essential pillars: economic, social and environmental.

“Living optimism as a transformative force to create sustainable value in the world of coffee” is the highest goal that guides our daily actions. Is the center of our culture, our decisions, our strategy, our style, our conversations and relationships. Is how we  inspire others and multiply the impact of everything we do.

I invite you to learn about our sustainability path.


With the BASC certification, we assure our clients and control entities of the confidence and security in our production chain, and in our overseeing and controlling of the production, packaging, and transportation processes of our product against illicit trafficking.

BRC British Retail Consortium

Supported in GFSI systems, recognized internationally, we produce safe, authentic and high-quality food products satisfying the needs of our clients and markets.


Our risk-based focus allows production of safe and high-quality products offering confidence and recognition for our clients.

ISO 22000

Our safety system is based on the analysis of hazards and critical control points (APPCC), always incorporating Good Manufacturing Practices.

ISO 9001

We offer reliable products to our clients, complying with the highest quality standards with which our products are processed by committed, responsible and highly trained personnel.

ISO 14001

We guarantee that our product is processed with ecological conscientiousness, conserving the environment and natural resources.

ISO 45001

At Buencafé we utilize work practices that continually reduce risks, always taking into account the safety of those we work with.


At Buencafé we produce socially responsible products contributing to the improvement of the quality of life for coffee producers, guaranteeing fair prices, good working conditions and a sustainable environment.


We support sustainable agriculture via sourcing and the transformation of Rainforest certified coffee.


Ambassador Paula Andrea Henao




Rural roads

Create access roads for the transportation of families, communities and coffee to population centers.





Improve the rural schools infrastructure, such as bathrooms, kitchens, water filters, classrooms, sports infrastructure, libraries and furniture.

Join us

on these initiatives!


Ambassador Camila Carmona Villegas





Unite women around leadership equity, sustainability and
planet carrying. Promote the creation of nursery gardens of
native species trees for the reforestation of watersheds.

Join us

on these initiatives!

European Organic

At Buencafé we are aware of the environment. That’s why we’re aligned with the most rigorous organic agricultural standards which allows us to reach our different international markets, including the European market.

Taiwanese Organic

At Buencafé we are aware of the environment. That’s why we’re aligned with the most rigorous organic agricultural standards which allows us to reach our different international markets, including the Taiwanese market.

South Korean Organic

At Buencafé we are aware of the environment. That’s why we’re aligned with the most rigorous organic agricultural standards which allows us to reach our different international markets, including the South Korean market.

Mexican Organic

At Buencafé we are aware of the environment. That’s why we’re aligned with the most rigorous organic agricultural standards which allows us to reach our different international markets, including the Mexican market.

Colombian Organic

At Buencafé we are aware of the environment. That’s why we’re aligned with the most rigorous organic agricultural standards which allows us to reach our different international markets, including the Colombian market. At Buencafé we utilize green coffee which complies with the productive practices that protect the environment in accordance with Colombian regulations.

Colombian Coffee

We utilize the geographic indication as a guaranty of origin guaranteeing the authenticity of the product and complying with the quality standards of Colombian coffee. In 2007, Colombian coffee was recognized by the European Union Commission as a protected geographical product. In 2013 the Swiss government conferred that same protection to Colombian Coffee.

Denomination of origin

We utilize a certificate of origin for 100% Colombian coffee. This seal is used to highlight the quality recognized in Colombian coffee


We satisfy the needs of the Jewish community with the continuous and consistent production of Kosher products.

Japanese Organic

At Buencafé we are aware of the environment. That’s why we’re aligned with the most rigorous organic agricultural standards which allows us to reach our different international markets, including the Japanese market.

United States Organic

At Buencafé we are aware of the environment. That’s why we’re aligned with the most rigorous organic agricultural standards which allows us to reach our different international markets, including the United States market.

Colombian Coffee

The Colombian Coffee logo with its distinctive triangle is symbolic of the Colombian coffee producer who works hard, produces a quality product, does things right, and brings an authentic product to market.


Ambassador Karen Dayana Campuzano Henao




Due to a shortage of teachers in rural areas, the FNC has developed a self-taught methodology to ensure the quality of education and a specific number of teachers according to the number of students.



Rural Youth

Technical Program

Providing young people in rural areas access to higher education without having to travel to the city.



Rural Youth


Providing support for high school students in making vocational choices and offering opportunities for technical programs that meet the needs required in the Buencafé factory’s area of influence.

Join us

on these initiatives!


Ambassador Luis Felipe Camargo Bonza




Grow it yourself

Animal husbandry

Delivery of seeds and animals, food safety booklet and training for the management of orchards on their land and animal husbandry.




To help transition the way rural families cook by burning wood into more safe way and healthier for them and their families.

Join us

on these initiatives!


Ambassador Gerardo Carvajal Bedoya





Access to drinking water for human consumption and improvement of rural supply. Guarantee the continuity of the water, adequate administration for the supply, through interventions and renewal of tanks, intakes, networks, individual purification, installation.





Give access to drinking water for children in rural schools with water filters.




water reduction

Deliver eco-machinery for coffee washing process reducing the use of water and the contamination impact.

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on these initiatives!


With the NON GMO Project certificate, we offer our clients the guarantee that our products are not genetically modified at any point during processing from seed to market.