Lighty freeze-dried coffee
Premium instant coffee, dried at low temperature where water is eliminated through sublimation and the aroma and flavor are preserved. A herbal freeze-dried coffee, slightly sweet and bitter, rich in chlorogenic acids which are potent antioxidants.
Premium instant coffee lightly roasted, dried in low temperature where water is eliminated through sublimation. A herbal, natural and antioxidant-rich freeze-dried coffee for your brand.
. Why Buencafé?
. Premium process

100% Colombian
origin coffee


Expertise, quality
and reliability
since 1973



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sustainable value:

Certified Products
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. Packaging solutions


1.5 g - 3.2 g
50 g - 340 g
Flexible pouches
10 g - 1 kg
Tin cans
50 g - 500 g


25 kg

. Product characteristics
. Co - branding

Coffee as the only ingredient, zero additives


+20 product, process and origin certifications


Instant preparation

Light in color, with a mild and herbal flavor


Caffeine content ranging between 2% - 2,5%


Provides a good energy boost with a low calorie intake


4 times more antioxidants (chlorogenic acids) than a traditional freeze-dried coffee

Market differentiation
with Café de Colombia logo.

Our soluble coffee is the only one that can use this logo

* Trademark registered by The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation - FoNC