And what is the difference?


Delightful taste and sensation of
soluble coffee for its lovers.

The freeze concentration technology is a
delicate process that remarkably
preserves the coffee aromas and

Soft, balanced cup.

Smooth aftertaste, light lingering flavor.
Translucent, clean appearance

Diverse and intense aroma with genuine
sensation of fresh coffee.

It captures and returns the aromas and fla-
vors of roasted coffee.
The coffee bean qualities are highlighted.

Pronounced body, strong coffee character
and aftertaste.

Cloudy appearance, typical of freshly
brewed coffee.

We are

A part of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation,
one of the largest NGOs in the world

Available products

with Sensoria Technology

Freeze dried

Sensory profiles

A powerful, intense coffee with the aroma of freshly roasted and ground beans.
A truly unique character.

Has the aroma and flavor of freshy-roasted coffee.