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Coffee commercialization and importance of the Chinese market for Buencafé

Comercialización de café e importancia del mercado Chino para Buencafé

  Chinese Market Overview China has experienced steady growth and expansion in coffee consumption in recent years. Although tea and 3-in-1 drinks have traditionally been the

Sustainable Water Project By Buencafé and the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation

Proyectos sostenibles en materia de agua By Buencafé y la Federación Nacional de Cafeteros

Every year, between August 23rd and September 1st, the Stockholm City Conference Centre in Sweden becomes the focal point for World Water Week. During this

The allure of 100 % colombian freeze-dried coffee for your brand

El encanto del café liofilizado 100 % colombiano para tu marca

We proudly stand as the only company worldwide that is owned by a country's coffee growers, Colombia. This unique ownership structure allows us to reinvest

The Retail of Tomorrow: A Futuristic Landscape for the Years Ahead

El retail del mañana, un paisaje futurista para los siguientes años

Technology has played a pivotal role in shaping the way modern consumers shop, resulting in the evolution of stores. Ultra-personalization, seamless synchrony of physical and

Hyperinstant coffee: the product that “shines” in the chinese market and charms the youth

Café hiperinstantáneo: el producto que “brilla” en el mercado chino y conquista a los jóvenes

Asia is not only a culturally rich and varied region, but its diversity also extends to coffee consumption. In recent years, this product has experienced steady

How Instant Coffee Has Evolved

How Instant Coffee Has Evolved

Instant coffee was developed to be the ultimate convenience product, providing a cheap, easy, and quick fix for those who needed a caffeine boost.  Along

5 Reasons Colombian Coffee is the Best in the World

5 razones por las que el café colombiano es el mejor del mundo

Many people ask themselves what are the arguments we use to affirm that Colombian coffee is the best in the world. It goes beyond some

Six New Trends In Hot Drinks for 2023

Seis tendencias en bebidas calientes para este 2023

With dynamism returning into consumers’ lives, the hot drinks industry has experienced significant changes. According to the EuroMonitor International December 2022 report, inflation will turn

Coffee in the World: Trends and Opportunities in Global Markets

Café en el mundo: tendencias y oportunidades en los mercados globales. Medio Oriente, Norteamérica y Europa

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. Its industry undergoes a constant globalization process that develops new trends and consumer consumption

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