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Superior Soluble
Colombian Coffee

About Our Products

Select the type of product, Cup profile, Roasting Level, Raw Material, Or Packaging, and obtain the ideal product to lead the market.

Extracto Liofilizado Roasted Instant


The coffee Extract is the result of the soluble solids extraction from a freshly Roasted & Ground coffee by the use of water, which then is concentrated at low temperatures.


Spray Dried

Coffee powder. The spray drying takes the liquid extract and dries it through evaporation.



The coffe powder goes to an additional steam process which "agglomerate" the powder particles, giving a different physical appearance.


Freeze Dried

A premium solubre coffe, that is dried by eliminating the water through sublimation (the transition from solid to gas without passing through an intermediate liquid phase), maintaining full coffee organoleptic properties.


Roasted Instant

A perfect blend of a premium Freeze Dried soluble coffee with micro particles of a freshly roasted coffee. Easy to prepare as a soluble, with the strength & character of a freshly roasted coffe.

Our Processes

Check how Buencafé turns raw material into Freeze Dried Soluble Coffee:

Awards and Testimonials

Buencafé has won important awards for its products:

Superior Taste award recognizes Colombian coffee flavor

UK consumer review of one of our
Roasted Instant coffees. check it out HERE

Canadian consumer review of one of our products.

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  • Prototyping
  • Product Development
  • Packaging Innovation
  • Technical Support
  • Quality Control Environmental Management
  • Logistic Support

Real partnership

  • Profits are used to improve the quality of life of the coffee growers
  • Project development
  • Colombian Coffee heritage, a real story to support your brand

High End Portfolio

  • 100% Mild Washed Colombian Arabica
  • Freeze Concentration Process
  • Production Capacity
  • Production Flexibility

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