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We work hand in hand with entities such us:

From our center of Research and Development (R&D), we are by your side in the development of your projects, providing all the knowledge of our creative and analytic teams. We also offer you our experience in the sophisticated market of the Soluble Coffee industry, where we explore new aspects going from raw materials all the way to end products.

Research Lines

Consumer Products

  • Prototyping

    We work with our clients, in order to create prototypes and develop products that adjust to the market's needs.

  • Consumer Product

    We develop different products prototypes, in a hand with our clients to satisfy the market´s need. As an outcome of shared developments we offer profitable and sustainable products made to satisfy the needs of our different clients. Learn more about our products

  • Suppliers

    Our suppliers are strategic partners and we count on them for the development of our projects.

Raw Material


Is the most advanced Coffee research center worldwide, oriented to improve the productivity and sustainability of Colombian Coffee, generating an appropiate, competitive and sustainable technology for the well-being of Colombian Coffee growers.

Colombian Coffee

Mountain, tradition and dreams of thousands of people who convert their work in the World´s best coffee.


Aside from processing a raw material that has the privilege of its incomparale attributes of taste and aroma, at Buencafé, we are experts at Freeze Drying, a technological process, which allows the original attributes of the raw material to be preserved in the end product.

Learn how we add value to the product in every step of the process.



The raw material is subjected to high temperatures and developed chemical reactions that favor the aroma, flavor and color typical of the drink. These are fundamental characteristics for a good quality final product.



Extraction of the soluble solids: Ground roasted coffee is loaded in percolating columns, where hot water passes through, under controlled temperature and pressure conditions.



At this point, the coffee extract is free of non-soluble components and still has a low concentration of soluble solids. The water is then drawn through by freezing and subsequent separation in ice form, to ensure that none of the aroma and flavor characteristics present in the coffee bean are lost.



The foamed extract is taken to a cold room and spread on a refrigerated surface, where it is left to freeze at extremely cold temperatures.


Freeze Drying

The frozen granulated and assorted extract is loaded in special containers and taken to the freeze-drying chambers or tunnels. Here the product is exposed to vacuum heating conditions and the ice is eliminated. At the end of this process, a dry product is obtained, with a small percentage of residual water.



Buencafe is serious about quality. Buencafé only packs product that meets all of the quality specifications. Coffee is packed according to the client´s requirements in jars and/or bags, and it's delivered to different markets around the world. Buencafé coffee is characterized by its consistent and balanced cup tasting, and an excellent aroma and flavor.



Made in each part of the process. One of the fundamental pillars that has made the conservation of markets possible, and that has allowed us to strengthen the loyalty of our clients both foreign and domestic, has been the organoleptic quality of Buencafe´s products. It is the confidence and reliability generated by the fact that the delivered product, satisfies and fulfils the market expectations in terms of its sensory quality.


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