Buencafé Freeze-dried of Colombia Moves to the Vanguard of Eco-packaging with Innovative Lids Made from Avocado Pits

Buencafé freeze-dried of Colombia presents its prototype lid for coffee jars, made from avocado pits. With this biodegradable material, the company ratifies its commitment to sustainable packaging and reducing the use of plastic.

The covers made from avocado pits are made with a bio-based resin, a formula patented in Mexico by the company Biofase that reduces the environmental footprint. Each lid contains 60% organic biomass.

The material is biodegradable. Its decomposition occurs over two years, compared to the 500 years that a traditional plastic lid takes to decompose.

One dried processed avocado pit can be used to make two to three lids. This innovative solution currently is in a pilot stage at Buencafe, but it’s a pioneering process for the country and will be the first of its production at industrial scale.

The prototype is the result of the work at Buencafé with strategic allies from its supply chain – Riduco & Biofase Colombia – who together seek to add to sustainable proposals to produce ecological packaging.

“With this initiative we’re showing how innovation at Buencafé is put into the service of sustainability to preserve our vital planet,” said Cristina Madriñán Rivas, General Director of Buencafé.

About de Buencafé Freeze-dried of Colombia

The National Coffee Federation of Colombia has operated one of the largest, most sophisticated freeze-dried coffee processing facilities in the world since 1973: Buencafé Freeze-dried of Colombia. This facility, unique in the country produces daily 24 million cups of freeze-dried coffee. It exports to approximately 40 countries and reaches 60 markets, conquering new palates for colombian coffee. One hundred precent of the profits from Buencafé go to the benefit of 540,000 Colombian coffee-producing families.



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